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  • About us
    Unity, hard work, pragmatism, innovation and excellence
    Jiangsu zhongcheng building materials group co., ltd. was founded in 1995, formerly known as changshu zhongcheng building materials co., LTD. It is a famous enterprise specializing in the production of high-grade insulating glass, inlay glass, hollow shutter, laminated glass, tieyi glass, cabinet, solid wood door, top sliding door, tool box, etc. In 1998, the company set up a toughening plant, a fully advanced assembly workshop, a hollow glue clamping workshop, a design and research and development center, and a garden plant was built and used. In 2001, the ERP system, MBO target management system and standard laboratory were implemented, and the company entered the European, Australian and east Asian markets. In 2004, the new workshop of toolbox cabinet was completed and used, and the new business division of shutter was also built and used. In 2007, the new plant of chengxin building materials was built and used, further expanding the production scale. So far, the four production bases of the company, namely changshu citic building materials co., LTD., changshu zhongqin building materials co., LTD., changshu chengxin building materials co., LTD., and changshu zhongcheng toolbox cabinet co., LTD., are basically formed.
    "Customer satisfaction" is our goal
    &The company covers an area of more than 530 mu, with total assets of 400 million yuan and nearly 1000 employees. The company has been selected as one of the "top ten brands of the year" by China construction glass and industrial glass association. By jiangsu province bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded the "quality credit enterprise of jiangsu province", "jiangsu province famous trademark", "jiangsu famous brand product", "high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province", "jiangsu province quality management advanced enterprise", "jiangsu building energy efficiency technology industrialization base", is the famous dealer of hollow glass in the United States was awarded as "best global quality suppliers" ODL.


    Jiangsu Zhongcheng Buioding Material Group Co.,Ltd

    Add: Zhaoshi Meili, Changshu, Jiangsu, China

    Zip: 215518

    E-mail : info@chinactg.com

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